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SALVATION ON THE LOST (Poem by Rotimi Adeniyi)

_Someday, we'll both find God, through a path we never tread. And, our knowledge of Him will prove us wrong._


Thus, salvation is come
To save my soul which
has lost grip of its host
Then, I vow to repent for
my innocence.
Lo! not my sins
That I may be reborn not again.

I have warried the ghostpels
Battled the Almighty God
In his lone mighty temple
That harbour my head's tower
Then, I vow to repent not
for my victory in conquering the
That, I may be reborn not again.

Òpèlè has spoken twice (again)
That clouds will rain in tears
To bath me in Mississippi
Cleanse me of my tabooed fate
Thus, I strangled Bàbáláwo
To join his departed ancestors.
Then, I vow to regret not
For my sin, but for my innocence

The Imam is at it again...
He has mounted the altar
To preach :Al-jannah' and the
sweetened streams of 'Al-kwathar'
That I may die a forgiven death
But, before the succeeding Friday
I have shifted the altar,
Claimed 'Eleha'; Imam's jewel
Yet, I vow not to lament
For my sin, but for my conscience

'O, Brethren, come to the Lord
Your sins 'ever be forgiven
True saviour, true sailor
Through the storm to thy Lord'
But, then, I were the storm
When Pastor spoke in tongues
Which my grandfather invented
And, before the next Sunday awakes
I feast on his head in my hood
Yet, I vow not to rue
Nay, not coward I am
But, for my innocence to grow.

Thus, I have fumbled–
Stumbled on faith
And, within my unresolved mind
I'd conquered gods in the battle of fate
Strangled belief while He's asleep
Then, thousands of heroes
enliven my unrepentant soul
For, salvation is on the lost
When my soul grips not its host
There're, I seek not life new aturned
For I am too old to be born again.

I think, God must be dead now
His disciples mine to claim
But, if in truth I'm not made
The King of the God's Kingdom
I await to behold whom
to judge me
For my adorned sin when
Beliefs were never at peace.

Rotimi Adeniyi.

Pebbles (Poem by Rotimi Adeniyi) [Part 1]

Pebbles Wallpaper | Giant Grey Pebble Design | MuralsWallpaper

I'll pick myself in pebbles
When this sandy skin
Built into a tower self
Gets blown by the storm
of fate which
once had been
my saviour
when I was
a fragment of
wet clay.

I'll fall in grains
from a whole
into the holes
of broken dreams
which had been my
rarest reality-
my long sought phantasy.

No more shall be me
Like a page drenched in
oceanic bank
surfaced before the sun
whose inkings were washed and
blushed into the body
of tidal waves.

_Rotimi Adeniyi.


The Manipulation of Religion in Nigeria - THISDAYLIVE


You eat for specific periods daily and you never wondered why food is necessary?
You sleep during the night laying down a worn out body only to wake up while the dean breaks and you never pondered why sleep is paramount?
You experienced birth because your mother or your wife gave birth and you never asked why giving birth is primitive?
What about death? Your best friend died in a motor accident without any part of his body to bury. You have attended a burial arrangement where souls like you who once lived slipped into the soil and you never questioned God, Why?
What then makes you a true human without why's you thirst for answers?
This drives me back to Philosophy. Everything is philosophical if we need prove us humans with rational thoughts.
Such is religion! Religion is philosophical if you don't want to be a blind follower or worshiper. Humans are naturally gullible and that bit of curiosity should be a quest for knowledge and truth about all we do, teach and know.
Without philosophy, we are just a bunch of
blind souls with sticks to guide us through if we ask not for sight instead of sticks.
I think, my philosophy about everything is too obvious that everyone around me thinks it's become my religion. If it does, isn't it worthy than to be another a blind with stick while my instincts could have probed my legs?
Check yourself for truths you consider to be truth. Reconsider realities you believe to be rare. For, this reconsideration makes you a seeker of truth behind everything.
The Holy Quran has that version:

'Ask! And, it shall be given to thee.'

The Holy Bible asks us to:

Search for ...and hold truth fast to thy heart.

To be continued...

Rotimi Adeniyi.

How Did I Find Myself Here? ( Poem By Salaudeen Tesleem, Satire)

Because I'm denied of making a choice,
I caught myself in the blacksmith hut
I fired the embers; the hut-men in their hutment
Wineed and dined with their children.

Because I'm denied of making a choice
I added sack of stones to my bowel to keep my leg
For them, I  drained my sweats and kept my head up
When sun rose and I looked into the river
Its water shed tears in the countenance of my emaciation
And I laughed,  for this is where I found myself
In the middle of a giant river and I'm longing for a drop.
But, wait, how did I found myself here?

Black Maiden (Poem By Salaudeen Tesleem, Satire)

When I dozed off on the evening couch
And nature blew pass 
I saw a black maiden
"Hey black maiden," I called.
I feel your look is  awe-filled
As I wandered in the space of my thought
The sensors told me it's but lust
I'm happy to have been lost in love
The rain you brought tended
My buds and I sensed my war is solved
When your lips caressed mine
The fabric of time changed and I lost in 
This place that I found myself
This very place, I and my whole
The magic wand that journeys my thoughts is lapsing
And my eyes yanked open.

How I wish I was lost till the bell is rung
I asked in content of exaltations.



SELFOLUTION [teaser] - YouTube


I want to believe that great numbers of us are familiar with this powerful word 'r-Evolution' which had led many on the paths of righteousness towards discovery and rediscovery. But, isn't it just another word in our word bank– lexicon? Perhaps, one is prone to ask such a question and of course, it's another word but with many wonders as life changers. By some means, we're limited to various factors and this article is no difference to such determinant factors. Meanwhile, I wouldn't delve into much depth of the wonders of the word 'r-Evolution' but give an eye opener as it relates to the title of this article: Selfolution.

I mentioned above that 'r-Evolution' has wonders inherent in its root as a word and that's nought but what I'm preoccupied with. I should have written the word plainly as this 'Revolution', which could have laid our hearts to rest. But, it's a deliberate attempt writing it as it is, with the first letter in small cap 'r' while the rest gives us 'Evolution'. That implies, in Revolution we have, we have the word Evolution.

 Evolution Is Natural

Without mincing words, Evolution is concerned with changes in the life of an organism (all living things) in relations to time (duration), environment (background), weather (seasons/sessions) and some other factors which I deem not necessary here.
Being what it is, we are able to infer that Man undergoes evolution from the very first conception of his life which ranges from flesh contact between two attractive opposite poles of gender. Therefrom, life began with the fluid permeation from one sexual organ to the other. It's a cycle which if we venture into, it's a whole science itself. But, on and on, evolution (development/change) takes place right from that instance, for without that change the cosmic fluid would have been flushed as mere dirt or flooded with urine which existence ends there. That's just a primary glimpse at the evolution of Man from the genesis of existence whereby changes define whomsoever Man realises or acquaints himself to be. This change is gradual as he's bound to consciously or unconsciously undergo it till death. Isn't that the reason behind LIFE CYCLE?
Yes! We live in utter illusion of a cycle which nature brings upon us as we advance in life.

Revolution! What's the Deal?

 There have been many occasions where revolution broke out of shell due to tormenting circumstances, many of which we've read in books or being told and perhaps, seen in action movies. All those circumstances were true but George Bernard Shaw opined that:

"Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny.
They have only shifted it to a other shoulder."

Shaw was never wrong with his opinion on Revolution but the aim of this article is far from proving the veracity of his assertion. But, let's flashback to Adolf Hitler's unparalleled passion for power which after acquisition hit the world as his name suggested– HITler. Wasn't it a revolution from one shoulder to another with the same but advanced level of tyranny?

Revolution is what we know it to be–a revolt against something, yet it doesn't necessarily need to be political, social, economical or influential. In fact, it could just be an urge to quit a desire for another. Yes, it could simply mean a break from an ideology of a course to a more suiting one. Being what it is, there's a mysterious force in it which drives a revolutionary. It's this force that makes revolution a MISSION and the force is amazingly buried in the word Revolution itself.
Check this:  r-EVOL-ution. Now, cull out the giant words and you have EVOL which if read backward would read LOVE.
This implies that, for one to embark on revolution or to become a missionary, there must be a strong force of LOVE. It's then left to a revolutionist to identify his love for that he desires. Love is the reason for war, hatred, enmity and all the worst one could imagine. It's said that everything we want is on the other side of LOVE. If you want peace, you must desire war because you are revolting against the opposite pole.
This love is a QUEST for something beyond our grasp and to reach we must REVOLT.

Che Guevena, a French renown revolutionary said:

"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality."

The deal with revolution is that, desired or not, quested or not, just as we 'evolve' naturally most unknowingly, we 'revolt' as well. Would trees have been trees if not a revolution against the tormenting climatic change- wind, storm, rain etc. Wonderful is God, that trees despite those weather elements still bloom and shed leaves.
 Bear it in mind that, the world is losing her head towards revolution for one thing or the other, but revolution should begin with YOU and I. Why? Because, without these agents of SELF, revolution is just a mere, common word.
Now, let's embark on the journey to SELFOLUTION.


Coronavirus; Fire Outbreak: The Tragedy Marauding Nigeria (by Busy Brain)

_( Busy Brain Writes from Abuja, April 22nd 2020 )_

A typical Nigerian needs not to be told about the tales of this year. Of course, 2020 is more than tough as it is now. More than 80‰ of Nigerians are feeling the heat of the lockdown, hunger  and boredom as a result of coronavirus. While thinking about the number of couples who might have postponed their vision 2020 till further notice as result of the lockdown, I'm similarly thinking about the number of hustlers on our broken streets whose daily earning is currently on self isolation with three to four children. How about the market women whose petty businesses have been quarantined. Students are not left out in the mess; many students have already been giving count down to their graduation year before the lockdown. The above categories  know the effects of covid-19 more than the salary earners who might not  experience its deep feelings directly but indirectly affected in one way or the other.  Coronavirus has crippled almost everything in Nigeria--Economic, religious,  educational and social activities in the country. 

As the battle with Covid-19 is getting gorier,  the fire outbreak seems not to give a relief sign to Nigerians. This year, Nigeria has become a fire ministry. I'm not talking about  church or parish. I mean real fire. The spate in which fire outbreak is touring the nation is not only alarming but sardonic. Lives, properties worth millions of naira had gone while many victims are left with no hope than emptiness. 

On January  2nd,  2020, traders of Umuahia Timber Market, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State lost goods worth millions of cash in a mysterious inferno that engulfed their business premises.

On January 4th 2020, Akesan market in Oyo was razed  by fire. Hundreds of shops and items worth millions of naira were lost in the inferno that lasted for several hours.

On January 12th 2020, at No 7. Faagba Street behind Emir’s Palace Ilorin, a storey building of about four rooms and five shops was exposed to fire.

On January 26th 2020, the Federal Road Safety Commission in its traffic situation report , disclosed that another fire incident occurred at Oby Okoli street in Awka, Anambra State which destroyed many shops in the area.  Same January, 2020, the Kaduna State Fire Service says it recorded 87 fire outbreaks and seven deaths. My God!

On February 11th  2020,  a midnight fire killed a four-year-old girl and razed seven houses on Tuesday at Tolory, Railway Quarters in Enugu North Local Government Area of Enugu State.

On February 25th 2020, a famous games village situated at Nsulu in Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area of Abia state was  gutted by fire.

On March 10th,  2020, fire in the early hours of Wednesday razed the Building materials market, Ogidi in  Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

On March 17th 2020, fire wrecked havoc at Owode market, Offa Local Government Area of Kwara state and destroyed  shops and properties worth millions of naira.

On March 21st 2020, it was another sad Sunday afternoon for some Lagosians living in Agboju close to FESTAC, Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Lagos State as there was a fire outbreak that ravaged some buildings. This happened one week after the Abule-Ado explosion that killed 23 and displaced over 500 people in Lagos State.

On April 9th  2020, the Capital Unit of the Treasury House where the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation is located was on Wednesday gutted by fire. Only God knows if this was man made fire. But still,  fire is fire.

On April 12th 2020, properties and equipments worth millions of Naira were destroyed when an online radio station, Agidigbo Radio gutted by fire in Ibadan, Oyo State.

On  April 16th 2020, properties and goods worth several millions of naira were  destroyed by fire that razed the popular Dugbe Market at the commercial nerve centre of Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

On  17th  April 2020, the office of the Director, Elections and Party Monitoring Department (EPM) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was on Friday gutted by a mid-day fire.

On April,  21st 2020, the Jos branch of the Central Bank of Nigeria in Plateau State was razed by fire. How many of 'Adipele's' multiple and interlock teeth could be counted ? At this juncture, one would agree with me that the tragedy marauding the country is not only covid-19 but also fire-20.

Except those who lost their lives to the gory scenes,  I know there is hope after the pandemic: the market women would continue with their businesses, street hustlers would get back to the street, students would resume back to schools,  our players would get back to playing ground and our Imams, Pastors would continue their services. Tell me,  how would those that lost their millions of Naira to fire outbreak get back the lost hope? From  where would they begin their hustling and how about their  beloved families that were razed along with the millions ? My heartfelt condolence to the victims of fire and corona in our dear country. May God grant them the fortitude to bear the loss of lives and properties. Sooner or later, year 2020 shall become history and there shall be freedom. Amen!

*Busy Brain is an Opinion Writer, Poet, Journalist and Public Relations Practitioner. He graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State... the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria*


Past (Poem By Rotimi Adeniyi)

Our stories are the broken songs
soliciting for spines on every tongue
to sing them in melodious praises
the pathway unto which they dissolve
-like vapours into the atmosphere
-as of mirages in the heart of mist
are cremains of toothless bones
And, in the end
they rain in cadence
of recurring dirges
that we are soothing chants
devoid of universe
that we're inhabitants of hope
in the household of the lost
If our pasts are but songs
Let's bury our ancestors
in a memoir of encomiums;
a melody of throes.

Rotimi Adeniyi.

Lonely Moon (Poem by Ayanda Akinyemi)

When under the scorching sun
On a lonely noon 
That I lay myself down 
Just for a while 
Before I set to go

The wind in a gentle pass
She doesn't pass in a hurry 
Hushing the birds on a tree top
From one branch to another 
Singing for me in a loudest cry 
When I stop my stories in between 

Perhaps to make me finish them 
To close them before I go 
Not to take them back home 
The unending stories I tell
The loneliness it brings afterwards 

Weezdam 🖊 

Editors Comment:
Satire Editor 2: This is a good poem.
The author's style is great.
El Cypher: This is a great work.

Abba Kyari (Poem by Busy Brain)

Abba Kyari, 
Days ago, you were  alive
in  pains caused by your positive status.
In Isolation,  you could not survive 
the sting of the pandemic virus.

What a pity, you lost the battle 
at war front with deadly Corona
while your 'Chief of Staff' mantle 
could not follow you to the lonely corner.

Abba Kyari, 
You are now a missing script in Aso Rock
as  Buhari endures your death with a shock.
Even though no one could restore your health, 
For your country, you died a valorous death.

Tell God, you are a Nigerian, 
The abode of greedy politicians.
Tell God you came from a Country
that keeps one's flaws in the memory.

Abba Kyari, 
Your soul is on errand to the sky, 
And your office would  be occupied by good greedy guy.
Oh,  I wish these  greedy men  reason
that death turns around like  season.

You played your part before you depart
In administration where things keep fallen  apart.
Your wish is to be alive, 
but God says you would not survive.

Abba Kyari, 
Mind not the villains claiming you are bad.
Mind not the friendly foes pretending to be sad.
Where you are, no one can peep. 
But, what you sow, you shall reap.

Abba Kyari, 
After your death, we begrudge, 
But none is qualified to be your judge.
Here is my condolence piece, 
May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer,  poet, journalist and Public Relations Practitioner. He graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa...the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria



S C A R S (Poem by Rotimi Adeniyi)

Dribbble - scars.png by Armando Sosa

S  C  A  R   S

How shall I sing this melody
with glued tongue twisted
by nature's pride,
which corridor is etched with tracks of teeth.

Where shall I bury this skin?
in a grave of darkness to shade
its shame or in a cupboard of
desolated cocoon to hear it crumble.

What makes the night a knight,
if not a thousand tripping stars...
What makes the day a pathway
for the head to lead the league
of legs
if not the burn and churn of the sun..

what mystery is laced up my face
to pouch it in my skin's hide?
If beauty is ever a human;
tell me I've lost a destination of
where pulchritude reigns.

Rotimi Adeniyi.

SELFOLUTION By Rotimi Adeniyi [Part 2 ]

SELFOLUTION [teaser] - YouTube

I have asked numerous questions right at the instance when the thought about this article's title popped into my head.


 Does it imply evolution of self or revolution of self? Or, it's just a trick to amass audience? Yours dearly, it's far quite deeper than you'd ever think because any amassing audience device wouldn't have made any difference to my conviction.
Not too long ago, I downloaded a song track titled 'One Man Can Change The World' by ....

Let's just say I'm an advocate for the assertion that one man could change the world. Meanwhile, I'm asking the whole world 'where is that one man who could change the world?
That man is no where to be found if not within YOU and I. Of course, we're that Man who could change the world. Within us lies the force to stabilize the unbalanced and uncompleted cycle of the world's motion. Why cycle? Because, we act upon instructed courses with laid down laws to simply dwell in the same circle void of hope or aim to escape that bond. Therefore, acting in that same instructed line of course is like pedaling on that motion towards just a common direction.
But, let's think of a nourished mind, cultured senses, weird thoughts with extraordinary trait, all wrapped up to make just a Man. How advantageous it'd be for the world to have such a Superman. Forget about the movie's heroes like Clark in Superman, who could fly and do all impossibilities, it's a way of telling us that aliens amongst humans exist. But, have you ever thought of being a similar or little Superman with those intriguing abilities to maze and amass a world at marshalling a skill? I doubt you once did, because you believed those are tricks in motions or behind the scene prompted actions.
Fortunately, you and I could be a superman. No, I am one already because I've tapped into the power within which makes me i can do the impossible.
What does it take to tap these forces and spark a thunderous inferno to awaken the whole world? You don't need to acquire any tip or clue from anybody lest you tend to be subservient to their will of power. All it takes is self discovery and then a polish of rediscovery to outshine a new wrought sword.
It begins with consciousness of self, then self analysis that will drive you to self realization and self actualization. Easier said than acted upon, all these take a great evolution of mind and revolution of self and i think that's the reason behind the title of this article.
If you never knew the fact that you're a sleeping giant, then you'd never realize that you're worth anything with all the physical vigours and forces within that could propel you towards becoming a hero. Think beyond being a hero, think like an angel. Oh, No! Not like an angel but a god. As well all know, a god is capable to do and undo, treat and retreat, create and recreate with his mighty hands. It's disheartening that we are enslaved by our thoughts to that extend we serve non existing ego.
Selfolution prepares for you a true discovery of self in which you're charged with all the blames for the scars on your face. A friend had urged you to misbehave which countered your personal belief but to honour friendship, you went ahead and achieved that goal. You were able to achieve it because you were a god, though your power was used in a wrong direction. That's it, we all are gods in our little world, what we need to see us as gods is the force to drive us towards righteousness.
Nobody is to be blame for adventures you failed to embark on. Nobody could be held responsible for success which made you a failure. When you realize this fact, no matter how deep your wound, no matter how broken your heart, no matter how many woes your soul bears, you'd eventually become a deviser of your fate.
Though, the indisputable fact that one's enemy is self is fast becoming a cliché, yet it'll still endure the storms till the of time.
I once inspired a friend with few words of encouragement which ended with:

Begin your fight today, and tomorrow, tell me who won in your battle of self challenge.

Self challenge is not until you lash yourself strokes or slap yourself facing the mirror to see that the imaginary you rage, but when your ego is made to starve for the right. It's breaking the block of your limited power to see yourself as a invincible hero.
Take that step now, fight yourself in thoughts, batter yourself in imaginations, arm yourself with the need for the right and save the world in an instance.

Rotimi Adeniyi seemed to conquer himself in the following lines:

Am I still the same man in the mirror?
A victim of reflection in this stance
Yet, another man, being chased by the sun
A step forward and he accompanies with
Lighter moves in my own shadow.

Aye, I have slumbered to forsake him
Only to arise still in my nightmares
I've died in fantasy to lay him dead
But, reality did bid him existence
O, Shall I bury him to ungrave me?

How shall I, unto the world, call for help
To save me, the same strange man within, whose
When delight and the light I have but found
His figure bears me resemblance of self
Circling the circle of extremity.

Bring spears, bring sabbers, to the battleground
Let liberty a coward be given
And, medal, let be less pride as of death
Till darkness of reality no more hold
And, I, apart, towards light attain.


An artist is a creator of reality in papers with a great tool in hand–pen. While i was still young, all i wanted to be was being an artist because i found the art a a birth gift. Then, my desire for being one was just a fancied one compared to the power I've come to realize now when I've even lost the gift.
It's now i realize that every artist is a great creator and his creatures are perfect before the world's view. Slightest bit of mistake wouldn't be judged because you'd have rendered tons of paeans before he tells you something is wrong. This profession is great because it makes people become gods with their tools.
As a selfolutionist, you must learn the art of an artist. Drawing images on paper may not be necessary, painting with crayons won't be deemed fit, drawing plans and painting actions would.
As an artist, you sketch plans at each attempt to take a break from yourself. The sketches would be altered and erased many times till you have the satisfaction you want. Yes, at that point of satisfaction, you may not need any plan afterwards or any attempt, because ones you have mastered the art, you're already there. So, it's difficult to drive yourself back.
Many, through history have proven to be great artists even without any images drawn or colours applied on canvases. Today, taking a break from self is a combined effort to win a war to become a god.
Drawing plans on papers isn't enough. You need the skill of an act-god called an actor.
We all know it, an actor is a god of acts, he amazes us and arouses desires of a waiting-to-be-hero in us. He's a magician with the steps he takes. He's brave enough to frighten us...He's a combination of many things we have longed to be.
Here, I give you a breaking news: YOU ARE AN ACTOR.
Though, an actor works with scripts which audience are oblivious of, but for you to be an actor, you should be off script. If you need any script, let it come from your head and read it to your heart. Then, let your whole physique harmonize to act it out.
Every minute, plot scenes with acts you'd take some minutes to arrive. While asleep, dream your next life after your awake. Every step, walk as though a giant trudges the earth and in your human dealings, make every heart a bargain. Remember, you're taking a break from your self...whom you used to be.
Nothing out of your considered truth and reality should influence your thoughts. This reminds me of movies and books I have done justice to. They somehow changed me and altered my view of the world, then i became a worshipper of imaginative heroes. It took me more than a year to balance my whole self on the track of reality.

Rotimi Adeniyi.

Mirror Illusion (Poem by Ayanda Akinyemi)


For long, I stood here;
Peeping into the ray from the mirror 
With a little glance, so I could set for the day.
But, the portrait I beheld was a skeletal figure.

Time over time, an illusion of sight;
A mirage menacing in a soundless fear—
Roaring like a living in a monstrous shape
Till I grew weary of studying,
My heart is wrapped with a blanket of fear.

Oh! Why is your identity hidden? 
Why is your profanity weakening my sight? 
Or, how long do you wish me tarry here? 
Decide fast and we can both be free.

All around I walk like an hopeless vagabond;
Where the strength to stay will soon wear off.
Before then, i think I am done with the frameless creature;
The portrait of a skeletal picture in broken mirrors.

Weezdam 🖊

Comment by the editor's:
Satire Editor 2: Awwnn what a nice poetic expression

Night Fall (Poem by Ayanda Akinyemi)

I love the night when the day is dark; 
When the sparkling light over the sky 
Illuminates my mind like a moonlight tree
With a thought in the night,
How the day was spent.

I love the night during the hour
Of a solemn lullaby;
Singing aloud through the holly season.
At a point in time, the night will be short 
When in a bit, it elapses its time.

But, I fear the night 
Like the day of transfiguration;
When many are left undone 
During the day till the night is raveled.
I fear to sleep, bring me back the day

Weezdam 🖊 

Feminism And African Culture (By Rotimi Adeniyi)

What is African feminism? An introduction - International Youth ...

Ever since I acquainted with  Jaat,  I had had an instinct he's a revolution to the vicious circle within which evil-ization seems to lead us.

Often times have I been discombobulated about the so clamoured gender equality even when we all know the truth, though we tend to shackle it in all ramifications.
I am not of the damn opinions that women are weak s*x, NEVER! In fact, they're far stronger beyond our imagination, nevertheless, they're forged by the Supreme Smith (God) to blend along with the superiority of men. Yes! I'm not being blinded or biased to have mentioned or stated superiority, so long my wife to-be won't pay any price to own or lead me to the altar to marry me.

 Only this millennium has the craze for gender equality seek to riot itself and claim pages of literatures, warm benches in courts, crave solace in our ever tranquil mentality.

The worst of this is the fact that, despite the recent scars the White dominions left behind, we ( Africans) remain slaves who worship their feet in decision making and not only had their supposed claim being proved that  'Africa is a primordial void'  but we've also vindicated that by our shallow mentality.
In the times of our forefathers, what was 'gender equality' if not for a man to marry as many women as he desired?

Today, the world has been worn a new garment with a feathered shoulder to kick civilization in our face and blindfold us of the true nature of man. This is not a dream or prophecy but, I'm having an instinct that, soon 'women shall soon claim to be husbands (isn't that some bit of equality?). That, soon, women would have no urge to marry any longer to weigh some levels of the so called equality.
 Maybe I've been unconscious of what Gender Equality  really depicts or I have been perhaps lost in an age long slumber.
Good Lord, I need someone to wake my waning soul.
I am of the personal conviction that women are powerful. Indeed, in a rather more real world, they're the delectable treats for the world's ecstasy without which men would never have been comforted. Yes!  They deserve to be cherished, adorned, revered, goddessed amongst all, yet, my faith frowns at the household where a woman 'husbands her husband,' where a woman 'lords her lord.'

This lays my memory back on the lane of reasoning which pertains to one of my old Master's assertion:
 "Women are born to (be) love(d)
 Men are trained to love"
I hold that assertion dear to my heart and I revere every woman of all sorts of category but, it's highly disheartening to reason along with some of our maidens whose sixth senses are lost to the westernized system of civilization taught in previous academics. O, I'm disconcerted to perceive the rioutous sensations in their speeches and approaches today in a protest for gender equality. We are humans and no fucking law would ever emerge to dispute or breach that law, for it's law itself.
Meanwhile, that should have been the general view of the whole thing,  'We are Humans, Humans are We'.
Why do we have to prove Shakespeare right?
 'Women are necessary devils.'
I want to believe we are all created equal, let's alter the word 'GENDER'.  I don't believe men could survive without women neither do I ignore the fact that women can never survive without men.
Then, what is the craze and sanity behind gender equality if not a way to lead the whole humanity astray?
It's with the same mentality that Lesbianism and Gay have been propagated as a way to abuse human nature.
I supposed women should have revolted against lesbianism and men against gay instead of the balderdash of gender equality.

On a last note, I'd like to urge our women to remain whom they are;  salt of the world, mothers of the universe, pride of the nation...instead of seeking reflection in the invented mirror of  evilization  called civilization.

Rotimi Adeniyi.