Coronavirus had came to fight for the Nature (Quote by Satire)


When I looked out through the window pane, where I do find solace
I saw an empty street without the cries of machines and workers, 
Without the hues from here or there
I saw  lone tall trees with flowers, seeming to be  comfortable without us.
I felt rain seeping through their buds.
I saw the sky as blue as a painting, undisturbed by  smoke. 
I saw birds of kinds on queue in the sky, 
They've been singing in the rain like no other -
Without disturbance from our 4G,
I saw wild lifes going about with their fair without fear of being killed, 
And I realized Coronavirus is here to fight for nature.

This Poem Was Written To Glorify Mother Nature And To Tell The World That Nature Can Survive Without Human Specie Interfering In Their Rustic Ways Of Life.

I'm Salaudeen Teslim Olamilekan
SN: Satire

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