Left Hand SIN-drome (Article By Adeniyi Rotimi)

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Left Hand SIN-drome

In my culture, it's a taboo to give, offer or serve anything with left hand; such act is considered a premeditated arrogance towards the recipient. Even, left hand is absolutely belittled with a false consciousness to prove its nonexistence. And, there's an exaggerated phrase with which it is labeled 'Owo Osi' that literally means 'Poor Hand' to a greater effect that restricts one to eat with it.

 In a broader sense, there exists a kind of predominant superstition that backs such pseudo beliefs so that they are traced far back down to late and early centuries, funnily but unfortunately, undocumented.
Well, at least, I was brought up in that guise (value system) which means this stereotypical value characterises my being. 

Alas, my western enculturation through educational precepts and precipices has come to persistently challenge me every now and then (at bars, clubs, formal occasions, lectures and so on) which I can never else-cape.

Today, one out of myriad similar cases of 'left hand syndrome' strangely sprouted up. But, this, I surmise is dominant in all human stages of development. When kids begin to exert their rightful use of handibilities,* they mostly start with left hands, I've always noticed this and nursing mothers can testify. But, when a kid does this, s/he is being snapped at and brutally slapped as a means of curbing him/her. I consider that as a gross misconduct on the part of cultural influence and it amounts to nought but absolute misdeed to dexterous persons out there, much more to left handers.*

Left Hand Is Left Bland.

Well, I am yet to understand why left hand is left bland (useless) in, not only my culture but so many others, too. Could it be religious implication or self intellectual dictation that makes it so? I can never understand many reasons any cultural proof could proffer when the left hand is being used for dirty acts, cleaning/washing of anus after defecation and abnormally as an auxiliary aid to the right hand. 
The question is, how right is the right hand even if I write with it? In fact, it is a true confession that many of us are conditioned at infancy to write with right hands, partially considering the sound effect [Write-Right].
Don't be surprised if you learn that left handers are geniuses at their various fields, it is a stand hard standard fact.

I am exposed to a civilized culture where both hands enjoy the same rights but when that is brought back home, you're simply a fierce arrogant and rude person to your culture. Why? You're seeing and living beyond the legacies of your anonymous ancestors. Interestingly, none of them never complained, I think they make the best overall observers.

I am, on a final note challenging my norms, traditions and culture to never accept or gullibly adhere to baseless superstitions which my super-intuition finds vague, absurd and silly to consider appropriate and sensible enough to experiment.
You don't tell or teach a child what fire is, let him catch a hold and learn the truth. Reality has to be learnt not taught.

—Rotimi Adeniyi.
SN: El-Cypher
2:55 pm

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  1. Left hand syndrome, this belief is not grounded on any reasonable fact, yet our religion books and culture have limited our thinking to be believing that it's not good to use such hand for exchange of pleasantries or goods. It's our culture though, I'm not against it neither will I support it practice.

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