Mirror Illusion (Poem by Ayanda Akinyemi)


For long, I stood here;
Peeping into the ray from the mirror 
With a little glance, so I could set for the day.
But, the portrait I beheld was a skeletal figure.

Time over time, an illusion of sight;
A mirage menacing in a soundless fear—
Roaring like a living in a monstrous shape
Till I grew weary of studying,
My heart is wrapped with a blanket of fear.

Oh! Why is your identity hidden? 
Why is your profanity weakening my sight? 
Or, how long do you wish me tarry here? 
Decide fast and we can both be free.

All around I walk like an hopeless vagabond;
Where the strength to stay will soon wear off.
Before then, i think I am done with the frameless creature;
The portrait of a skeletal picture in broken mirrors.

Weezdam 🖊

Comment by the editor's:
Satire Editor 2: Awwnn what a nice poetic expression

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