On His Gravestone (Poem By Rotimi Adeniyi)

On His Gravestone — Epitaph.

On my gravestone let it be said
In words written, engraved,blessed;
Emptied of breaths, longings, wishes
Emptiness finally has come
To brace him a new, most sought home
Devoid of wines and fine dishes
But, plant him a flower of word
Atop this holy stones that he
Afterwards may receive his Lord
In poetry of what needs but be
Thus, let every heart greet him still
For here lies his body at will
But, seek him within his diary
His souls lives in eternity.

_Rotimi Adeniyi.

Inspired by Jaat (On Facebook)

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for reaching the world through words.
    The picture attached, though. Please, do well to change it.

  2. Also, there's an observed error in the last line of the poem:
    His soul (s) lives till eternity.

    There's no need for 's' after 'soul.'

    Thanks for the well done job, Sir. I commend your effort.

  3. Great work sir.