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You eat for specific periods daily and you never wondered why food is necessary?
You sleep during the night laying down a worn out body only to wake up while the dean breaks and you never pondered why sleep is paramount?
You experienced birth because your mother or your wife gave birth and you never asked why giving birth is primitive?
What about death? Your best friend died in a motor accident without any part of his body to bury. You have attended a burial arrangement where souls like you who once lived slipped into the soil and you never questioned God, Why?
What then makes you a true human without why's you thirst for answers?
This drives me back to Philosophy. Everything is philosophical if we need prove us humans with rational thoughts.
Such is religion! Religion is philosophical if you don't want to be a blind follower or worshiper. Humans are naturally gullible and that bit of curiosity should be a quest for knowledge and truth about all we do, teach and know.
Without philosophy, we are just a bunch of
blind souls with sticks to guide us through if we ask not for sight instead of sticks.
I think, my philosophy about everything is too obvious that everyone around me thinks it's become my religion. If it does, isn't it worthy than to be another a blind with stick while my instincts could have probed my legs?
Check yourself for truths you consider to be truth. Reconsider realities you believe to be rare. For, this reconsideration makes you a seeker of truth behind everything.
The Holy Quran has that version:

'Ask! And, it shall be given to thee.'

The Holy Bible asks us to:

Search for ...and hold truth fast to thy heart.

To be continued...

Rotimi Adeniyi.

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