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I want to believe that great numbers of us are familiar with this powerful word 'r-Evolution' which had led many on the paths of righteousness towards discovery and rediscovery. But, isn't it just another word in our word bank– lexicon? Perhaps, one is prone to ask such a question and of course, it's another word but with many wonders as life changers. By some means, we're limited to various factors and this article is no difference to such determinant factors. Meanwhile, I wouldn't delve into much depth of the wonders of the word 'r-Evolution' but give an eye opener as it relates to the title of this article: Selfolution.

I mentioned above that 'r-Evolution' has wonders inherent in its root as a word and that's nought but what I'm preoccupied with. I should have written the word plainly as this 'Revolution', which could have laid our hearts to rest. But, it's a deliberate attempt writing it as it is, with the first letter in small cap 'r' while the rest gives us 'Evolution'. That implies, in Revolution we have, we have the word Evolution.

 Evolution Is Natural

Without mincing words, Evolution is concerned with changes in the life of an organism (all living things) in relations to time (duration), environment (background), weather (seasons/sessions) and some other factors which I deem not necessary here.
Being what it is, we are able to infer that Man undergoes evolution from the very first conception of his life which ranges from flesh contact between two attractive opposite poles of gender. Therefrom, life began with the fluid permeation from one sexual organ to the other. It's a cycle which if we venture into, it's a whole science itself. But, on and on, evolution (development/change) takes place right from that instance, for without that change the cosmic fluid would have been flushed as mere dirt or flooded with urine which existence ends there. That's just a primary glimpse at the evolution of Man from the genesis of existence whereby changes define whomsoever Man realises or acquaints himself to be. This change is gradual as he's bound to consciously or unconsciously undergo it till death. Isn't that the reason behind LIFE CYCLE?
Yes! We live in utter illusion of a cycle which nature brings upon us as we advance in life.

Revolution! What's the Deal?

 There have been many occasions where revolution broke out of shell due to tormenting circumstances, many of which we've read in books or being told and perhaps, seen in action movies. All those circumstances were true but George Bernard Shaw opined that:

"Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny.
They have only shifted it to a other shoulder."

Shaw was never wrong with his opinion on Revolution but the aim of this article is far from proving the veracity of his assertion. But, let's flashback to Adolf Hitler's unparalleled passion for power which after acquisition hit the world as his name suggested– HITler. Wasn't it a revolution from one shoulder to another with the same but advanced level of tyranny?

Revolution is what we know it to be–a revolt against something, yet it doesn't necessarily need to be political, social, economical or influential. In fact, it could just be an urge to quit a desire for another. Yes, it could simply mean a break from an ideology of a course to a more suiting one. Being what it is, there's a mysterious force in it which drives a revolutionary. It's this force that makes revolution a MISSION and the force is amazingly buried in the word Revolution itself.
Check this:  r-EVOL-ution. Now, cull out the giant words and you have EVOL which if read backward would read LOVE.
This implies that, for one to embark on revolution or to become a missionary, there must be a strong force of LOVE. It's then left to a revolutionist to identify his love for that he desires. Love is the reason for war, hatred, enmity and all the worst one could imagine. It's said that everything we want is on the other side of LOVE. If you want peace, you must desire war because you are revolting against the opposite pole.
This love is a QUEST for something beyond our grasp and to reach we must REVOLT.

Che Guevena, a French renown revolutionary said:

"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality."

The deal with revolution is that, desired or not, quested or not, just as we 'evolve' naturally most unknowingly, we 'revolt' as well. Would trees have been trees if not a revolution against the tormenting climatic change- wind, storm, rain etc. Wonderful is God, that trees despite those weather elements still bloom and shed leaves.
 Bear it in mind that, the world is losing her head towards revolution for one thing or the other, but revolution should begin with YOU and I. Why? Because, without these agents of SELF, revolution is just a mere, common word.
Now, let's embark on the journey to SELFOLUTION.


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