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I have asked numerous questions right at the instance when the thought about this article's title popped into my head.


 Does it imply evolution of self or revolution of self? Or, it's just a trick to amass audience? Yours dearly, it's far quite deeper than you'd ever think because any amassing audience device wouldn't have made any difference to my conviction.
Not too long ago, I downloaded a song track titled 'One Man Can Change The World' by ....

Let's just say I'm an advocate for the assertion that one man could change the world. Meanwhile, I'm asking the whole world 'where is that one man who could change the world?
That man is no where to be found if not within YOU and I. Of course, we're that Man who could change the world. Within us lies the force to stabilize the unbalanced and uncompleted cycle of the world's motion. Why cycle? Because, we act upon instructed courses with laid down laws to simply dwell in the same circle void of hope or aim to escape that bond. Therefore, acting in that same instructed line of course is like pedaling on that motion towards just a common direction.
But, let's think of a nourished mind, cultured senses, weird thoughts with extraordinary trait, all wrapped up to make just a Man. How advantageous it'd be for the world to have such a Superman. Forget about the movie's heroes like Clark in Superman, who could fly and do all impossibilities, it's a way of telling us that aliens amongst humans exist. But, have you ever thought of being a similar or little Superman with those intriguing abilities to maze and amass a world at marshalling a skill? I doubt you once did, because you believed those are tricks in motions or behind the scene prompted actions.
Fortunately, you and I could be a superman. No, I am one already because I've tapped into the power within which makes me i can do the impossible.
What does it take to tap these forces and spark a thunderous inferno to awaken the whole world? You don't need to acquire any tip or clue from anybody lest you tend to be subservient to their will of power. All it takes is self discovery and then a polish of rediscovery to outshine a new wrought sword.
It begins with consciousness of self, then self analysis that will drive you to self realization and self actualization. Easier said than acted upon, all these take a great evolution of mind and revolution of self and i think that's the reason behind the title of this article.
If you never knew the fact that you're a sleeping giant, then you'd never realize that you're worth anything with all the physical vigours and forces within that could propel you towards becoming a hero. Think beyond being a hero, think like an angel. Oh, No! Not like an angel but a god. As well all know, a god is capable to do and undo, treat and retreat, create and recreate with his mighty hands. It's disheartening that we are enslaved by our thoughts to that extend we serve non existing ego.
Selfolution prepares for you a true discovery of self in which you're charged with all the blames for the scars on your face. A friend had urged you to misbehave which countered your personal belief but to honour friendship, you went ahead and achieved that goal. You were able to achieve it because you were a god, though your power was used in a wrong direction. That's it, we all are gods in our little world, what we need to see us as gods is the force to drive us towards righteousness.
Nobody is to be blame for adventures you failed to embark on. Nobody could be held responsible for success which made you a failure. When you realize this fact, no matter how deep your wound, no matter how broken your heart, no matter how many woes your soul bears, you'd eventually become a deviser of your fate.
Though, the indisputable fact that one's enemy is self is fast becoming a cliché, yet it'll still endure the storms till the of time.
I once inspired a friend with few words of encouragement which ended with:

Begin your fight today, and tomorrow, tell me who won in your battle of self challenge.

Self challenge is not until you lash yourself strokes or slap yourself facing the mirror to see that the imaginary you rage, but when your ego is made to starve for the right. It's breaking the block of your limited power to see yourself as a invincible hero.
Take that step now, fight yourself in thoughts, batter yourself in imaginations, arm yourself with the need for the right and save the world in an instance.

Rotimi Adeniyi seemed to conquer himself in the following lines:

Am I still the same man in the mirror?
A victim of reflection in this stance
Yet, another man, being chased by the sun
A step forward and he accompanies with
Lighter moves in my own shadow.

Aye, I have slumbered to forsake him
Only to arise still in my nightmares
I've died in fantasy to lay him dead
But, reality did bid him existence
O, Shall I bury him to ungrave me?

How shall I, unto the world, call for help
To save me, the same strange man within, whose
When delight and the light I have but found
His figure bears me resemblance of self
Circling the circle of extremity.

Bring spears, bring sabbers, to the battleground
Let liberty a coward be given
And, medal, let be less pride as of death
Till darkness of reality no more hold
And, I, apart, towards light attain.


An artist is a creator of reality in papers with a great tool in hand–pen. While i was still young, all i wanted to be was being an artist because i found the art a a birth gift. Then, my desire for being one was just a fancied one compared to the power I've come to realize now when I've even lost the gift.
It's now i realize that every artist is a great creator and his creatures are perfect before the world's view. Slightest bit of mistake wouldn't be judged because you'd have rendered tons of paeans before he tells you something is wrong. This profession is great because it makes people become gods with their tools.
As a selfolutionist, you must learn the art of an artist. Drawing images on paper may not be necessary, painting with crayons won't be deemed fit, drawing plans and painting actions would.
As an artist, you sketch plans at each attempt to take a break from yourself. The sketches would be altered and erased many times till you have the satisfaction you want. Yes, at that point of satisfaction, you may not need any plan afterwards or any attempt, because ones you have mastered the art, you're already there. So, it's difficult to drive yourself back.
Many, through history have proven to be great artists even without any images drawn or colours applied on canvases. Today, taking a break from self is a combined effort to win a war to become a god.
Drawing plans on papers isn't enough. You need the skill of an act-god called an actor.
We all know it, an actor is a god of acts, he amazes us and arouses desires of a waiting-to-be-hero in us. He's a magician with the steps he takes. He's brave enough to frighten us...He's a combination of many things we have longed to be.
Here, I give you a breaking news: YOU ARE AN ACTOR.
Though, an actor works with scripts which audience are oblivious of, but for you to be an actor, you should be off script. If you need any script, let it come from your head and read it to your heart. Then, let your whole physique harmonize to act it out.
Every minute, plot scenes with acts you'd take some minutes to arrive. While asleep, dream your next life after your awake. Every step, walk as though a giant trudges the earth and in your human dealings, make every heart a bargain. Remember, you're taking a break from your self...whom you used to be.
Nothing out of your considered truth and reality should influence your thoughts. This reminds me of movies and books I have done justice to. They somehow changed me and altered my view of the world, then i became a worshipper of imaginative heroes. It took me more than a year to balance my whole self on the track of reality.

Rotimi Adeniyi.

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