VicTeams Not Vict-Crimes (Thought by Adeniyi Rotimi)

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I think, *Suicide* should be considered a domestic violence and not a crime. We don't really know what prompted or tempted savaged victims towards attempting/committing it. And, trust me, life has more than fifty shades of grey to conclude that their pains aren't worth doing such. If you're lucky to have escaped such taunting spirit before, through the aid of fams and friends around, others might have theirs (fans & friends) avalanching them, thus, inevitably having things fall apart. And, these smiling faces we behold could be mere charades of character, we are unaware of what demons govern many of us because Isó Inú Èkú. . .is meant to be a personally concealed woe.
Even the one that attempts it needs apt and proper counsel-elation not corporal or any sort of punishment.
*Rescued victims are advisable not punishable.

VicTeams Not Vict-Crimes

Salawudeen Rotimi


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