SALVATION ON THE LOST (Poem by Rotimi Adeniyi)

_Someday, we'll both find God, through a path we never tread. And, our knowledge of Him will prove us wrong._


Thus, salvation is come
To save my soul which
has lost grip of its host
Then, I vow to repent for
my innocence.
Lo! not my sins
That I may be reborn not again.

I have warried the ghostpels
Battled the Almighty God
In his lone mighty temple
That harbour my head's tower
Then, I vow to repent not
for my victory in conquering the
That, I may be reborn not again.

Òpèlè has spoken twice (again)
That clouds will rain in tears
To bath me in Mississippi
Cleanse me of my tabooed fate
Thus, I strangled Bàbáláwo
To join his departed ancestors.
Then, I vow to regret not
For my sin, but for my innocence

The Imam is at it again...
He has mounted the altar
To preach :Al-jannah' and the
sweetened streams of 'Al-kwathar'
That I may die a forgiven death
But, before the succeeding Friday
I have shifted the altar,
Claimed 'Eleha'; Imam's jewel
Yet, I vow not to lament
For my sin, but for my conscience

'O, Brethren, come to the Lord
Your sins 'ever be forgiven
True saviour, true sailor
Through the storm to thy Lord'
But, then, I were the storm
When Pastor spoke in tongues
Which my grandfather invented
And, before the next Sunday awakes
I feast on his head in my hood
Yet, I vow not to rue
Nay, not coward I am
But, for my innocence to grow.

Thus, I have fumbled–
Stumbled on faith
And, within my unresolved mind
I'd conquered gods in the battle of fate
Strangled belief while He's asleep
Then, thousands of heroes
enliven my unrepentant soul
For, salvation is on the lost
When my soul grips not its host
There're, I seek not life new aturned
For I am too old to be born again.

I think, God must be dead now
His disciples mine to claim
But, if in truth I'm not made
The King of the God's Kingdom
I await to behold whom
to judge me
For my adorned sin when
Beliefs were never at peace.

Rotimi Adeniyi.

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